Deploy a business approach

Rolling out an omnichannel sales approach to improve customer satisfaction and productivity

Omnichannel, a strategic focus for sales and marketing


Is omnichannel for you?


If all or part of your customer, supplier and service provider ecosystem has adopted this approach, the answer is yes! Whether physical or online, on-site or remote, its uses are becoming more and more diverse. Your business customers expect to be able to move from one channel to another seamlessly, without losing information and with personalized follow-up.


It’s up to you to meet their expectations in order to improve customer satisfaction, build loyalty and increase your productivity. The good news is that there are easily accessible and highly effective solutions to get you on your way.


With benefits for both your company and your ecosystem, we believe this is the face of a successful digital transformation, conducted pragmatically.


Sales managers, marketing teams, executives: the challenges you face


    • Rolling out a sales strategy adapted to new uses and international activities
    • Improving the B2B omnichannel customer experience
    • Facilitating order-taking and increasing sales
    • Building customer loyalty and communication
    • Reducing costs and delays linked to sales activities to increase competitiveness
    • Gaining notoriety


Specific business needs to make your connected business approach a reality:


    • Improving the customer experience


How can I offer a personalized customer experience ?

How can I make online order-taking easier ? Which connected B2B services should I give customers access to and how ?

How can I ensure that this customer experience is consistent and high quality across all sales and interaction channels ?

How can I get to know my customers better using data to adapt my offering ?


    • Increasing productivity


How can I reduce errors and processing times ?

How can I automate low value-added tasks and prioritize the work of my sales and marketing managers ?

How can I digitalize my sales actions in a concrete way and streamline mobile sales work ?


    • Developing collaboration and engagement


How can I communicate better with my customers and employees ?

How can I move from communication to collaboration ?

How can I lead these changes while uniting my teams ?


To meet these needs, at Visiativ we support you at your own pace, according to your needs and strategic goals. We’re on your level, armed with all our industrial expertise.

Digital transformation: how Visiativ can support your omnichannel sales approach


Visiativ: 30 years of expertise, a principle of co-development


We ourselves are an SME challenging the digital transformation and sales performance of an industry geared toward the future. We have made this our business and developed our own expertise.


Beyond our extensive experience, our support is based on open communication with our partner customers. We don’t give lessons: we talk about what makes your business unique, we build the right solution together with you, and we support you in its rollout in the field.


Want to know more about our sales support, discover our solutions, or ask us a question? Get in touch — we’re here for you!



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Deploy a business approach

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Develop a new relationship with your professional customers

Maximise your BtoB sales with a e-commerce site for your resellers to enable ordering processes and offer personalized experience 24/7.



Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

A portal accessible 24/7 which improves spare parts orders and customer relationship. The customer journey is personalized, response times is optimized and services available are multiple.



Increase business and boost sales performance

Making your sales team more efficient in managing all different distribution channels, speed up order taking process and appointement planning