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The industrial equipment industry comprises all manufacturers of machines and tools required by a company’s production processes: special machines, machine tools, heavy mobile plant and equipment, metal and plastic manufactured products, and tyre manufacturers.


A company’s main challenge is to operate in an increasingly complex and stringent industrial environment under constant pressure from customers, competitors and regulators.


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Industrial equipment manufacturers are relying on the trends emerging from the 4th industrial revolution (automation, IoT, 5G, artificial intelligence, big data analysis, networked communications, etc.) to change the way they work and interact with their customers.


IThey need to constantly step up their digital transformation to fully meet the new expectations of their distributor networks and/or their end customers.Because they do not have the same investment capacity as their larger competitors, SMEs in this industry are often more vulnerable.


No matter how big or small they are, Visiativ supports industrial equipment manufacturers in all stages of their digital transformation.

Key figures: production and mechanical equipment

12 477


63,6 Mrds €


47,6 %

Share in the Mechanical Industry sector

Source: FIM Business and Statistics Unit – Figures 2021, France.

The challenges facing the players in the industry

Maintaining technological transformation

  • Leveraging hyper automation, connected devices and data science
  • Combining new materials (modularity) and new technologies
  • Increasing machine versatility and performance, wherever they are
  • Assessing your production capacity

Customising the offering

  • Leveraging hyper automation, connected devices and data science
  • Combining new materials (modularity) and new technologies
  • Assessing your production capacity

Gaining agility to meet more stringent demands

  • Gaining agility to meet more stringent demands
  • The need for all services to collaborate (anytime, anywhere) by connecting the entire value chain together

Expanding your service offering

Expanding your service offering and transforming the customer experience:

  • Setting up an efficient and responsive after-sales service (coordinating the special machine distributor and dealer network) to develop spare part sales
  • Facilitating preventive and predictive maintenance
  • Reshaping the world of field services

Meeting applicable standards and regulations

Regional standards have evolved into international standards designed to ensure two-way compatibility between old and new equipment. The green industry concept is also a current topic (new regulations, CSR, environmental footprint reduction) and is now a differentiating factor.

Learning from our customers



The challenge: implementing a customer service platform to pursue international development

The solution: Visiativ Customer Services

Benefits: By adopting Visiativ Customer Services, the company has benefited from a much more direct access to its customers and distributors across the globe as well as financial savings in after-sales service and warranty follow-up.



The challenge: identifying priority points for developing the company's digital transformation.

The solution: Visiativ Transformation Diagnostics

Benefits: keeping up with the co-written digital transformation schedule: setting up an employee portal, CRM, a customer service portal and a quality management tool.



The challenge: standardising all departments.

The solution: Visiativ Industry Customer Service Portal & Visiativ Spare Parts Catalogue

logo Mecalac

Benefits: By standardising its departments, the group has developed a sense of belonging among its teams and synergy between its plants. Likewise, simplifying processes and standardising digital tools has increased the efficiency of employees in their daily work. Optimising its customer relations has finally enabled Mecalac to improve its brand image and

customer satisfaction.

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Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.


For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).


Visiativ Commitment of Trust

Deploy your transformation

Benefit from a long term support in the actual deployment of your solutions for a successful digital transformation


CAD Consulting

Accelerate product engineering

Closely work with our engineering experts to deploy CAD solutions and master tools and methods adapted to your work environment for a successful innovation strategy


Visiativ Simulation services

Opt for high value-added support to integrate digital simulation tools. Mentoring is based on support, exchange and learning around a defined project.


Visiativ Customized Services

Master engineering solutions

To develop your team skills or to manage maintenance of your tools by a technical team, adapted to your needs, at the right time, choose our “à la carte” support services


Visiativ technical assistance support

Efficiente engineering tools

Ensure reliable and secure access and working process for your engineering teams


Visiativ PDM multi CAO

Single repository for your CAD data

Manage your product information, and document for an easy collaboration


Visiativ PLM Diagnostic

Optimizing your industrial processes

Supporting your PLM deployment to achieve together the goals you have set for yourself


Visiativ Engineering Diagnostic

Reliable product development

Deploy digital continuity within your company: assess the maturity of your engineering tools, define your objectives and action plan, identify any malfunctions and identify how to improve them.

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