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35 ans de Visiativ

Le 26/04/2022

Throwback to Visiativ’s 35th anniversary

The year 2022 marks the 35th anniversary of Visiativ, 35 years of sharing, collaboration and innovation to grow with our customers and our employees.

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Le 23/03/2022


Visiativ has announced the launch of its new “Visiativ Innovation Platform”. A true catalyst within its ecosystem, Visiativ is characterized by three key dimensions: consulting, solutions and communities


Le 21/03/2022

Why Give Your Chatbot a Voice?

Oral tradition is making a big comeback, especially through the latest technologies: 42% of people in Great Britain use voice searches on a daily basis. In the wake of this trend, the market for connected products with voice interface (of the Google Home type) has exploded.

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Le 21/03/2022

Chatbots: Is Artificial Intelligence Indispensable?

Artificial intelligence never fails to fuel debates. Physicist Stephen Hawking feared that machines might replace humans, and entrepreneur Elon Musk painted a solemn portrait of AI, which he considered to be a menace.

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Le 21/03/2022

Measuring Chatbot Effectiveness: 16 KPIs to Track

These measurements are indispensable for tracking the results of your chatbot, identifying any stumbling blocks and continuously improving its performance. But which metrics should you choose?

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Le 21/03/2022

The Avatar, a Social Representation of the Self

What is the Avatar . We can answer this question more easily today due to the media buzz around virtual worlds such as Second Life and the success of James Cameron’s movie, Avatar. However an avatar doesn’t limit itself to a random 3D character lost in an empty island or a bluish extraterrestrial…

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