Visiativ steps up its engagement and structures its CSR to respond to new development challenges

Press release 

  • A CSR policy with four key focuses: Responsibility, Social and Environmental Footprint, Employee Experience, and Ecosystem
  • Non-financial objectives for 2023 aligned with the CATALYST plan

Recent months have demonstrated Visiativ’s strong resilience, and in particular the solidity of its business model. But the Group has also sought to take advantage of the unprecedented COVID-19 period to transform this limitation into an opportunity, by rethinking and structuring its corporate social and environmental responsibility policy (CSR).

Consistent with the CATALYST strategic plan, Visiativ is strengthening its CSR policy to respond, above and beyond financial objectives, to the Group’s development challenges by focusing on four main areas:

  1. Responsability
  2. Social and environmental footprint
  3. Employee Experience
  4. Ecosystem

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