Visiativ finalizes the acquisition of software vendor, Audros Technology

Finalization of the acquisition of 80% of Audros Technology, a pure-player software vendor of technical data applications.

Following the announcement of the start to exclusive negotiations on 11 April 2018, Visiativ has finalized the acquisition of a majority stake in Audros Technology. Based in Lyon, the company’s 25-strong team posted revenues of €3 million in 2017, 15% of which was generated outside France. The acquisition will reinforce the technological engines behind Visiativ’s Moovapps platform for business applications. It also opens the way for numerous cross-selling opportunities for the Group with Audros Technology’s premium portfolio of over 200 SMEs and mid-tier companies that represent approximately 15,000 users.

Kamal Cheballah, Chief Executive Officer of Audros Technology, said: “I am delighted to see Audros Technology become part of the dynamic momentum that is Visiativ Group. Joining forces with a growing mid-tier enterprise will serve as a catalyst for our technology and our company.”

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