Immersive technologies, augmented reality and virtual reality

An interactive world

Imagine that tomorrow, a maintenance technician can very quickly know how to repair a machine (the actions to be taken, the sequence of operations). There is no need for him to carry large filing cabinets. A smartphone or connected glasses will allow him to visualize in 3D overprinting the operations to be performed on the machine. The operator will even be able to “walk” interactively in this 3D scene.

Visiativ positionning

It’s no longer science fiction. Visiativ already offers in 2017 a revolutionary product allowing non-technicians to create these 3D scenarios in a few hours from a simple 3D model from the design office. Visiativ will enrich this product with augmented reality uses and will facilitate, for example, a visit to a virtual factory. The user will also be able to quickly create multiple scenarios and ultra-realistic, life-size simulations.