The cloud is becoming more and more important, everywhere. Faced with the growing complexity of network infrastructures, companies are increasingly outsourcing their management. To do this, they use private clouds, real local specialists with high added value applications, or large public cloud operators (MS-Azure, Amazon-AWS, Google).

The Cloud, an unprecedented growth

Cloud Computing is based on a simple concept: rather than each company owning and developing its own IT systems, it becomes more economical and secure to offer IT as a service. Each customer benefits from the advantages of storage services, software usage, platforms and secure infrastructures.

Accelerating the adoption of the cloud

The digital transformation will accelerate its adoption. Over the period 2015-2020, the annual growth rate of spending on public cloud services is expected to be 21.5%, nearly seven times the overall growth rate of IT spending, says IDC. SaaS (Software as a Service) is expected to remain the dominant form, accounting for nearly two-thirds of public cloud spending in 2017 and about 60% in 2020. SaaS spending is expected to be dominated by application purchases, which are expected to account for more than half of all public spending over the period.

The interest of the Cloud for collaborative platforms

Collaborative platforms are expected to triple within 2 years. Faced with this acceleration, companies do not have time to rewrite their applications, hence the interest of the hybrid cloud.

Rather than favouring a particular architecture, and as the latest studies show, companies will adopt a hybrid mode based on:

  • private clouds on the national territory (to respect local standards) operated by local experts,
    public clouds for the elasticity and competitive prices they offer in terms of computing and storage power.

Visiativ through its subsidiary Visiativ Managed Services has the experience and skills to offer both a local service and manage public infrastructure.

Visiativ positioning

Software publisher, Visiativ is counting on the wave of the cloud and on new ways of consuming IT applications. To do this, the company is changing its license sales model to a subscription-based rental model (SaaS). With the acquisition of Visiativ Managed Services, Visiativ has the knowledge and infrastructure to propose an architecture to accelerate the High Speed Digital Transformation of its customers.