Big Data

Create new services and business models

Big data is often connoted negatively: a jungle of data where it is impossible to find relevant and valuable information. According to IDC, the volume of data exchanged should explode in the coming years: each household should produce 5 times more data in 2020 than today. The volume of data in the world will reach nearly 44,000 billion Gigabytes in 2020. Behind this avalanche of data, there are also tremendous opportunities, such as the ultra-personalization of the services offered or an anticipation of certain risks. Visiativ has already launched many experiments and developments, particularly around machine learning, predictive maintenance, and in general, on the best way to restore data.

Visiativ positionning

By offering a data collection ecosystem and solutions capable of delivering the collected data in a relevant way, Visiativ helps its customers to develop new services and new business models. In the same way, the Moovapps platform applications will be enriched with the information collected and give rise to learning and agile Smart Apps.