Real estate and property management are going digital fast. Now’s the time for you to do the same!  

Turn your real estate information system into a single connected portal 


Real estate management faces two major challenges: digitalization and decarbonization. The former makes the latter easier. Real estate assets that integrate relevant digital tools are those that will make the fastest move to reach environmental footprint reduction targets.  

Adopting an agile real estate information system, connected and adapted to your business is a vote of confidence in the future. It means giving your company the right cards to increase growth. It means taking your company into the era of smart building without losing its identity or destabilizing it. So how do you do it? Where do you start?  


Why transforming your real estate management? 


As you have already seen, digitalization is changing the way we work as well as opening up new opportunities. Buildings and services are not being digitized for the sake of it: they are digitized to optimize value they provide to users, managers and property owners. 


If you don’t keep up, you may fall behind. Yet if you go too fast you may put your business at risk.  


That’s why approaching digital transformation with the right methods and the right expertise is the only way to ensure successful operational strategy. Let us contribute to your success. 


Your company may already be using digital tools such as BIM and IoT. These are new collaborative, scalable function-based services of the future.  


Your strategic challenges will include:  


  • moving from passive buildings to smart buildings  
  • developing new levers for growth 
  • innovating  
  • orienting your business toward new functions and services  
  • digitalzing and centralizing your data in a coherent and secure manner  
  • acclimatizing your employees to a more collaborative environment  
  • sharing resources (property repository, property portfolio, etc.) and data (operations, maintenance, sales, contracts, etc.)  
  • mapping your real estate assets and projects in real time  
  • integrating customized, scalable tools that meet business and customer expectations  
  • managing environmental issues as carefully as possible 
  • being one of tomorrow’s real estate companies, those that really count 

Benefits of a real estate information system   


  • maximizing value of your assets through more detailed information  
  • gains in productivity and responsiveness along value chain with a single, connected solution
  • reduced operating costs through business processes control and pooling of services 
  • easier governance of real estate assets for annual savings of 10 to 20% of the overall real estate budget 
  • better risk management, increased resilience 
  • motivating employees through the use of a common tool  
  • deploying new innovative services adapted to the needs of residents: digital transformation, by making buildings “smart,” promotes the value of new functions and services 
  • evolution of buildings from passive assets to services platforms for operation and maintenance, energy, comfort and health, best use of available space, new services for residents and for the building itself 

Visiativ Real Estate suite (previously iPorta) 

The portal for high-performance real estate 

At Visiativ, we are convinced that digital transformation is a source of practical advantages when it is handled with pragmatism and flexibility. If approached in this spirit, it complicates nothing and simplifies everything.  


For more than 30 years, Visiativ has been a major publisher and integrator of software solutions for small and intermediate-sized businesses, and today makes all its expertise available to your company through Visiativ Real Estate suite, the intelligent information system dedicated to real estate.  

Its purpose = your objective  


  • to manage your real estate assets  
  • to maximize your performance 
  • to minimize your risks 
  • to meet the societal and environmental challenges of decarbonization  


and thus to move toward operational excellence thanks to a controlled digital transformation! 


Visiativ Real Estate suite is a real estate information system designed as a collaborative management and steering platform that can be accessed by all your stakeholders. It is a “website” type portal integrating solutions and applications that respond to the specific challenges of digital transformation. 

Its strengths 


  • technical: interoperability with business back office solutions, integration with existing information systems, import/export of Excel data 
  • collaborative: controlled sharing of information, real-time monitoring of files and operations, facilitated internal communication 
  • measurability: dashboards, reporting, notifications  
  • adaptability: ergonomic, scalable modules, adapted to the challenges of your business 
  • simplicity: single personalized access point, portal capable of exchanging with your other digital tools (BIM, IoT, etc.), environment hosted by you (SaaS) 
  • customization: development of collaborative portals for specific projects 

Visiativ Real Estate suite targets the following professions: 

  • Asset Management – Real Estate Management 
  • Property Management 
  • Facility Management – General Services 
  • Risk Management – RMIS
  • Management of building regulation files – BUILT


To meet their specific needs, multiple modules are offered, which can be integrated into the portal according to the requirements identified. 

This also includes the IWMS (Integrated Workplace Management Solution), the integrated management of the building as a working environment. 



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