Qeex Games

The first Escape Games for leaders dedicated to transformation

Visiativ launches Qeex Games, team games for executive customers to better understand the Group’s offer.

As a team, you have 30 minutes to plunge into an immersive setting, decode the clues and complete a mission. Together, become the conductors of transformation: collaboration will be your best ally.

A unique collaborative and immersive experience

“You are at the head of Fly B, the market leader in flyboards, those flying platforms that are becoming the main transport mode. As a leader, you face many challenges and must transform yourself to stay one step ahead of the curve you have always been…”

2 challenges are presented to you in order to remain the market leader:

Mission Transformation

“You are supported by a Visiativ consultant to keep your company at the forefront of start-ups that are trying to surpass you. This consultant has made recommendations to you to carry out your TNGV (High Speed Digital Transformation). The presentation of the transformation plan to the board of directors has been brought forward and you must conduct the investigation to reconstruct the consultant’s recommendations.”

Panique sur le serveur !

“The CIO is unreachable and multiple problems are detected. You are the members of the management committee and you must take action! Indeed, every minute lost immobilizes your production and exposes you to heavy fallout. Try to regain control of your IS in less than 30 minutes to avoid disaster.”

NEW Lancement sous tension !

“You are the head of the Fly-B, the flyboard market leader. You are about to launch your new prototype : the Fly Continuity… but 25 minutes from the launch, you notice that it doesn’t work. Try to resolve the enigmas to launch your prototype in time…”

Are you ready to take up the Qeex Games challenge ?

The next meet-ups :

  • Salon Global Industrie – april 1st and april the 2nd of 2020 – Online reservation or sign up on D-Day on the Visiativ booth – 4th Hall, booth H20, Village Smart Industries

What is an escape game ?

It is a team game that involves solving puzzles by collecting clues scattered throughout a room. The objective: to fulfill a mission within the time limit. To facilitate the conditioning, participants are immersed in a story or plot.


Escape Games co-created with Collock, specialized agency in corporate espape games.