First-half 2019 results: continued profitable growth trajectory

Results for the first half of 2019 were fully in line with Visiativ’s profitable growth trajectory, including:

  • Strong revenue growth of 33% to €85.0 million. The Consulting and Software divisions posted double-digit organic growth, while the Integration division recorded usual growth for the first half, including low organic growth, but expects to see a considerable upswing in the second half;
  • Recurring revenues up 50%, including 6% like-for-like, accounting for 63% of first-half business, up from 56% a year earlier;
  • Continued globalisation of the Visiativ offering, driven by the latest and growing acquisitions in the Integration and Consulting divisions during the first half, bringing the share of overseas business to 22%, up from 8% last year;
  • The highest six-month EBITDA margin to date 4.1% and EBIT of €1.0 million, in contrast to the customary seasonal first-half EBIT loss.

Backed by these strong first-half results and the positive Q3 trend in all divisions, Visiativ confirms its target to break the €200 million revenue barrier in 2019, one year ahead of the Next100 strategic plan forecast, together with another year of rising profit margins.

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