Digital transformation

Enriched with its 30 years experience, Visiativ has created different procedures to walk leaders into their business transformation.

A 4 steps procedure to co-build your digital roadmap

Accelerating your digital transformation

An infrastructure plateform and an HSDT approach

Visiativ has built up an innovative and pragmatic approach under the acronym HSDT (for High-Speed Digital Transformation), in the aim of making itself a key partner for companies wishing to transform themselves into smart enterprises. The methodology consists of undertaking a diagnosis of the company’s digital maturity and identifying the business projects to be implemented in response to the biggest challenges posed by the digital transformation. To accompany this approach, Visiativ has formalised several measures in collaboration with stakeholders in its partner ecosystem (Diag4.0, Digital Diagnosis, etc.). Following these diagnoses, and in an effort to unite all players in the company,we organise innovation and creativity sessions.

A 3 days procedure to override computing constraints

The passport to a powerful and secure cloud solution

The market is pushing all application solutions towards cloud computing.

While cloud computing is a fantastic opportunity for small and mid-cap companies to adopt new technologies, it also implies a profound change in our perception and day-to-day management of IT systems.

Visiativ is positioned as an expert in migration to an externally managed hybrid cloud system. The Group has designed an audit and customer support solution to carry out a full inventory of infrastructure in place and offer a roadmap towards secure and reliable cloud computing ensuring data reversibility.

A diagnosis to evaluate the digital continuity all along your business chain value

The initiative to boost your digital continuity

The daily life of an industrial company manager is highly regulated. The time allowed for decision-making has been reduced from several weeks to a few hours or even a few days at best. To keep innovating throughout the industrial design process: from ideation to after-sales service, including product design, industrialization and manufacturing… Visiativ supports manufacturers with 3D Continuity initiative.

This approach enables continuity to be established between the solutions already in place in the industries in order to maximize their efficiency and thus meet the challenges of the industry 4.0.

A fast online diagnosis