CSR policy

Visiativ’s social responsibility programmes have been established in compliance with our Group’s holistic vision around a strong ambition: to support our transformation and growth around the world through operational excellence and sustainable digital technologies. In line with the goals of the CATALYST strategic plan, Visiativ has set out to accelerate innovation and digital transformation at all levels, from our people through to our clients and partners. People are the pillars of performance. Together, they form a highly engaged community.

Our investment in this new CSR momentum is proof that we firmly believe in a responsible, open and sustainable company. In a collaborative company with a collective focus. In a company where trust and boldness enable each employee to express themselves and lead innovative projects contributing to the Group’s development. In an engaged company that transmits its singular and sincere values to its ecosystem. On this depends the success of the project for our future company,

Grégory Jourdan, Chief Human Resources Officer and CSR

Open Initiativ' Fellowship Fund

At the heart of its societal engagement, Visiativ has set up a fellowship fund to promote and support its employees’ engagement and promote sponsorship of skills. The OPEN INITIAT’IV Fellowship Fund aims to finance and support, together with our committed personnel, charities or general interest projects with a focus on societal matters in line with the UN’s sustainable development objectives. The fellowship fund upholds our ambition to engage with people with disabilities and those in a precarious social situation, as well as providing access to new technologies through education.

A certified strategy...

In the context of our approach based on trust and openness with all our stakeholders, we want to gain recognition of our engagements and actions through recognised certifications. Lately, Visiativ experienced strong progress in its ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) ratings, rewarding its social responsibility efforts.


The EcoVadis certification measures a vast range of non-financial management factors and evaluates company performance based on 4 themes (social, environmental, business ethics, responsible purchasing). This internationally recognised certification is based on concrete evidence. Thanks to the distribution of its CSR strategy, Visiativ aims at reaching Gold level by 2023.

Gaïa Rating

Gaïa Rating is a benchmark index that measures the ESG performance of SME and ETI. This rating is now the gold standard to evaluate companies based on non-financial and sustainable development factors. In the past financial year, Visiativ achieved a 64/100 rating, a 25-point increase compared to FY 2018- 2019. Visiativ also placed 33rd in its category (between a 150 and 500 million euro turnover), climbing up 26 places.

...lead by our people

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