Societal and environmental footprint


Visiativ demonstrates its commitment by contributing human and financial skills, knowledge and resources to implement the societal and environmental initiatives it values.



Societal footprint

Visiativ’s social footprint is a motor of growth structured around two pillars:

Inclusion for people with disabilities or in a precarious social situation


The development of people’s potential, whatever the challenge, (disability, precarious social situation) is a priority for Visiativ. This priority is shared and upheld by all our people through skills-based sponsorships and initiatives put in place on the field.

Access to new technologies via education

Faced with the ever-expanding range of technologies, Visiativ wishes to make computers accessible to all and to accelerate digital education.

We support them 

Environmental footprint 


Using technology to protect resources


Visiativ has experienced strong growth by implementing a simple belief: innovation combined with faith in the group helps us move mountains. But we all know that humankind is now faced with a great challenge: climate change threatens our livelihoods as a species as well as our economy.


Faced with this global challenge, we have no choice but to find global solutions. Visiativ is perfectly positioned as a digital company to realise that in the 2.0 world, acting on our scale no longer means acting on a local level: the companies’ playground no longer has limits or borders. Leveraging the strength of entrepreneurship and our belief in the human spirit, we can find resources to combat climate change in an efficient and pragmatic way.