Our Business Lines

Expertise based on five complementary business lines

For over 30 years, Visiativ has helped companies transform and innovate in order to become more efficient and competitive. The innovative and pragmatic solutions offered by the Group allow organisations to significantly improve profitability and growth by stepping up innovation, enhancing staff commitment and opening the company to its ecosystem.

Visiativ offers collaborative and social solutions that can be adapted to different corporate business lines and free up communication between departments.

The Visiativ Group’s development is based on the combined forces of its 5 complementary business lines.



Since 2017, Visiativ has invested in its consulting services and increased its value proposition. Through the acquisition of ABGI Group, Visiativ’s experts advise companies on their management plans, innovation financing and digital transformation, from concept to concretisation, and offer them bespoke support.

Software publishing

Visiativ publishes innovative software and manages its R&D via the Moovapps collaborative platform geared to helping companies meet their specific challenges. The platform brings together customisable business applications that can be activated on request. Through the Moovapps platform, Visiativ provides vertical offers such as myCADservices for consultancy firms, iPorta for intelligent buildings and Aquarelle for nomad sales.

Software integration

The Group integrates its own solutions as well as those of its partners. Visiativ has a long-standing partnership with Dassault Systèmes and deploys all of its solutions with its customers. The Group provides enhanced support in the form of consulting, methodology, a platform for monitoring projects and training in its software.

Cloud infrastructure

Visiativ offers outsourced IT solutions to customers to enhance security and ease the burden of certain complex tasks. IT outsourcing involves entrusting the management of an operating system to an IT services provider in order to reduce administration costs. This service includes maintenance, IT security and user assistance. Thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, Visiativ also offers companies innovative value-added hosting solutions that comply with the strictest security standard (ISO 27001-2013) and are stored in Visiativ’s own data centres.

Rapid Manufacturing

Visiativ supports its industrial customers in the design and manufacture of prototypes and the manufacture of small and medium high-quality series. Lead time from design to creation is thereby minimised, largely due to 3D printing. Rapid manufacturing steps up the pace of innovation, time to market is reduced, prototype costs are reduced and the whole industrial process is reinvented from conception to manufacture.