Connect by Visiativ

Sharing experiences as a growth driver

Interactions create value. To enable decision-makers to exchange, share experiences and innovate, Visiativ has set up community mechanisms through the CONNECT program to become transformation and innovation experts.

This program consists of meetings and challenges that allow them to gain experience on transformation and innovation issues.

Throughout their adventure, CONNECT members earn QEEX experience points that give them access to special Visiativ offers.

The postulate

Markets are made up of human beings, not demographic sectors, as the Cluetrain Manifesto points out.
In today’s world, value is in interaction.
The collective is a force that allows us to go further but also faster.
The ecosystem it allows to build a product has more value than the product itself.
Innovation and growth are achieved by bringing ecosystems together and bringing them closer together.
Physical encounters are an extension of digital encounters and vice versa.
The company of tomorrow is a collective project that takes the form of a physical and digital platform.