A robust start to FY 2022: growth of 27% in first-quarter 2022

Visiativ has made a fine start to the 2022 financial year generating revenue of €55.6m, representing a sustained increase of 27% versus Q1 2021. At constant consolidation scope, organic growth stood at 21%


As of Q1 2022, Visiativ is to present its revenue under two business lines. The SOFTWARE business, which includes all software sales, reported revenue of €34.5m, up 35% (+30% at constant scope). The CONSULTING business, which includes all services, posted total revenue of €21.1m, up 16% (+8% at constant scope).


The share of recurring activities increased 26% during Q1 2022, accounting for 65% of revenue.


First-quarter growth momentum was even stronger outside France, with a 47% surge in international business over the period (+35% at constant scope), representing 31% of Visiativ’s revenue for the quarter.


Following a good start to the 2022 financial year, Visiativ confirms it is on track to deliver its EBITDA target of €30m for 2023.


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