• Increase in business of +11%
  • ARR from SaaS subscriptions at 30 June 2023: €33m, up +70%
  • EBITDA margin 6.8%: alignment of the Group before implementing the new strategic plan


H1 2023 was marked by an increase in business of 11%, reflecting the advancement of Visiativ’s business model, with strong growth in SaaS subscriptions revenues of +85% (of which 64% organic), which now account for 22% of the SOFTWARE business (compared with 13% one year prior), and sustained activity in the CONSULTING business, responding to growing needs in innovation and cybersecurity. At end-June, ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) from SaaS subscriptions came in at €33.1m, reflecting continuous growth (up +70% versus end-June 2022).

The EBITDA fell back (-10%) as a result of the effort to adapt sales force incentives to new sales models, the All Visiativ programme, and international marketing investments for standardising the subsidiaries’ brands. The EBITDA margin came to 6.8% in H1 2023.

As a result of net disposal proceeds of €3.1m linked to the withdrawal from the IT infrastructure management business, net income (Group share) came in at €3.4m in H1 2023, versus €1.2m one year prior, i.e. an increase of +183%.

While continuing to align its business model with the new strategic plan, dubbed SHIFT5 and due to be presented on 20 September 2023, Visiativ seeks to sustain its H2 2023 growth momentum, driven in particular by the acceleration in SaaS subscriptions revenues, and thus increase its profitability, benefiting the always more favourable seasonal effect in the 2nd half of the year.


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