Top 3 benefits of a Technical EDM for the Design Office

The EDM and technical EDM market is now mature, which reassures companies. According to Markess by exaegis, the French market for document and business process management solutions was 52% in 2018. In 2020, with the rise of the digital transformation of companies, the rate would be 53.8%. 


The connection of a Technical EDM to its CAD tool is today an essential component for any company and for Design Offices. Many functions are indispensable. You are wondering which ones? Here are 3 that will make you say that you must acquire a Technical EDM tool for the Design Office department. 




1 – The management and uniqueness of your documents 


Plans, Notices, Diagrams, … many documents are managed daily by design offices and are often created and edited. However, these documents are often distributed over different workstations, causing the multiplicity of the same plan or even the loss of information. According to the IDC, “38% of users are faced with the problem of managing enterprise versions of their corporate data”. 


By equipping itself with a Technical EDM tool for the Design Office, all these documents are centralized in a single point. 



2 – Data security 


The documents created by the Design Office, whether confidential or not, must be stored in a secure location. Some design offices work on products with a high degree of confidentiality. 


Fortunately, Technical EDM plays this role to ensure the traceability of documents over time: history, version/revision management, rights management, etc. 


3 – Tracking the progress of projects over time 


The development of a product is done through collaboration between several functions. Like other departments, Design Offices need to meet deadlines, manage resources, manage the tasks of who does what, … The management of the documents they produce is critical and has little financial impact. 


With Technical EDM, it is possible either to set up alerts or notifications according to fixed deadlines or even to expand your needs through project management. 



By setting up a Technical EDM within the Design Office, you give yourself every chance to gain in productivity and competitiveness. Would you like to find out how this can be set up in concrete terms? Contact us to accelerate the digitalization and automation of your processes. 



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