Successfully Deploying a Chatbot: The Indispensable Checklist

Like 38 percent of all companies, you’ve decided to adopt a virtual assistant. Your brand-new chatbot is all ready to go live. The prospect of taking care of your users has it champing at the bit! But have you thought of everything? Have you put all the odds in your favor for the successful deployment of your chatbot? To ensure its success, take a few moments to complete this checklist!

A good chatbot is a well-configured chatbot


For it to operate effectively, your chatbot must, first of all, be designed to respond to a clearly identified need, for example managing customer relations or lightening the helpdesk load. It’s a matter of being more than simply a decorative object.

Once this objective is well-defined, the success of your chatbot deployment depends chiefly on the quality of configuration. The bot must be “trained” upstream by the person who’s specifically assigned to this task: the Chatbot Manager. However, it must also be endowed with a full-fledged personality in order to satisfy today’s users, who are increasingly mindful of the human aspect of their interactions.


Precision, a key to successful chatbot deployment


Another criterion for success, and not a trifling one, either, is aligning the performance of your chatbot with your objectives. Obviously, your bot must be capable of offering its users relevant responses in an efficient manner. Dialogue scenarios and clearly defined targets enabling it to send the right answer to the right person at the right moment have proven to be indispensable. As a result, your chatbot will manage to convince even the most skeptical.

One more tip? Incorporate performance measurement tools so you can adjust your bot’s settings in real time!

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