2020 annual results: Visiativ’s solid business model driven by recurring revenues

Press release

  • Limited drop of 7% in activity, with recurring revenues up 5% to 70% of the Group’s business
  • Solid EBITDA margin of 7.5%, with a good performance by the VISIATIV PLATFORM division

Visiativ’s results for 2020 show the solidity of the Group’s business model and a value proposition in line with companies’ current needs. In particular, they reflect the strong development of activities resulting from Visiativ’s specific solutions, a higher level of recurrent activity (up to 70% in 2020 for the Group as a whole) and its resilient profitability (EBITDA margin at 13.6% for the VISIATIV PLATFORM division in 2020).

Thanks to this solid performance, Visiativ is focused in 2021 on the execution of the CATALYST strategic plan, and confirms its EBITDA target of €30 million for 2023, driven by greater synergies between the various activities and optimised operating performance.

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