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Creator of phygital platform for the company of the future

Editeur de plateformes numériques

The enterprise of the future will be a phygital platform

The world is changing. Everything is moving faster; business models are shifting constantly. Management models need to be revisited. Business models become obsolete virtually as they emerge. This implies the need for flexible, adaptable and scalable management systems and business strategies. The need for mass take-up of new technologies makes it necessary to rapidly transform companies, as well as their operating models on both a human and technological level.

Business strategies have to keep up with an ever-changing environment and shifting ecosystems. Digital technology is more than just a tool; it is an integral part of such strategies. The interaction of digital and human intelligence will be key to competitiveness for companies in the future.

Creator of digital platforms to boost growth and improve the competitiveness of businesses

Visiativ offers companies the opportunity to adapt to new business models at high speed, to enhance their competitiveness and to accelerate their innovation in order to play their part in creating tomorrow’s value. A company can boost its operational excellence by streamlining its transformation process. Visiativ makes this transformation a reality by developing flexible, accessible and tailored solutions helping turn any company into a smart enterprise. Digital technology is in most cases an opportunity for growth and competitiveness for organisations. The “platform” offer, backed up by a structured High-Speed digital transformation (HSDT) approach, enables Visiativ to meet the four major challenges in becoming a smart enterprise, namely innovation, management, ecosystem and excellence.


Become the European leader in the design of collaborative business platforms

The Group’s ambition is to assist companies in their digital transformation by offering them innovative and tailored solutions matching the profound changes inspired by the acceleration of new technologies and the new practices they entail. In today’s world, companies have to open up to their ecosystem by integrating their customers and suppliers into their processes. This is a means of boosting their capacity for innovation, rethinking their business model and creating more value by designing new products and services. Visiativ offers collaborative and social solutions tailored to a company’s various business lines and geared towards facilitating flows between the management of their various business units.

The Visiativ group has grown by blending its complementary business lines:

  • Integration of Dassault Systèmes solutions, a business in which Visiativ enjoys a leading position in the European market;
  • Development of collaborative platforms, which extends the value proposition contained in Dassault Systèmes solutions, particularly in the industrial and retail markets.

More recently, Visiativ added a cloud-based dimension to its business portfolio with a view to accelerating the migration of its offers to a SaaS model and offering its customers cloud-based infrastructure management services