Value proposition

Digital transformation, the proliferation of new business models inspired by start-up culture and changing relationships within customer, partner and employee ecosystems are forcing companies to reinvent themselves.

By helping customers deal with strategic value chain functions, Visiativ enables them to build new experiences for their entire ecosystem.



A company’s ability to innovate is a major advantage in terms of staying competitive, expanding or penetrating markets and boosting profits. Despite the financial incentives that have been set up, innovation often requires considerable investment and can entail major risks for the company. Through its subsidiary ABGI, Visiativ helps corporate customers manage and finance their innovation programmes by obtaining assistance and grants (research and innovation tax credits, JEI young innovative company status, etc.).


In an increasingly competitive global market, industrial companies face major challenges: reducing time to market, controlling costs and managing product complexity. To meet these challenges, engineering departments are modernising and adopting techniques such as CAD, 3D simulation, PLM and virtual reality. Thelong-standing partnership between Visiativ and Dassault Systèmes bringspractical solutions to manufacturers via the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.


3D printing makes it possible to design and produce previously unimaginable parts with new and optimised properties. It unleashes design and production potential, accelerates time to market for new products and offers new opportunities for after-sales service. Visiativ helps manufacturers take full advantage of these opportunities and integrate 3Dprinting into their industrial strategy.


The proliferation of sales channels (online, representatives, sales administration) is forcing companies to rethink the way they sell their products. Visiativ platforms allow companies to create long-lasting links with their customers by improving access to information, broadening the vision of the customer portfolio, streamlining order processes, developing new experiences, and more…

After Sales

After-sales service now plays a key role in the digital transformation of industrial companies, particularly equipment manufacturers. Through online sale of spare parts and preventive equipment maintenance, customer service can account for up to 30% of some machine manufacturers’ income. Visiativ offersa wide range of solutions for managing quality and after-sales service.

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