VISIATIV TRANSFORMATION DIAGNOSTIC | Maximize the performance of your company

Global audit of your digital maturity and prioritized roadmap for growth

Performing your transformation diagnostic means knowing where you stand, in order to find a better way forward


The goal: To drive your transformation in a practical way, adapted to your business to maximize your company's performance.


There's no Chief Digital Officer in your company? Don't worry!

By deploying your digital transformation diagnostic, you are entrusting us with this role throughout our journey together and laying the groundwork for success.


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One principle, real outcomes



The principle


Together, we look at your digital integration business: We evaluate your digital maturity.

We discuss your issues and strategic challenges. These discussions and this analysis guide us in co-constructing a roadmap with recommended actions ranked by priority.


Outcome… and follow up!


The reason for the diagnostic is to draw a digital transformation that equals development for your business. That is, an accessible transformation, uniting internal energies, featured to your current and future challenges.


We will work closely with you to achieve a successful digital transformation. Never disproportionate, always realistic and optimistic.

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A global audit of your company’s digital maturity


    • What is your company’s digital profile today?
    • How do the existing BackOffice, FrontOffice and Business Solutions (authoring tools) fit together? Are they sufficient? Are they capable of dialog? Do they create synergies?
    • What is the mapping of your IT feeds?
    • How familiar are your employees with your digital solutions?
    • How do you compare to your competitors?


You want to know quickly what to stick to and understand your possible actions.

That is why we conduct this analysis as quickly as possible. This step includes one-to-one interviews with relevant employees and a benchmark of your competitive market. It enables us to identify areas of weakness and improvement.


The co-construcion of a realistic and prioritized roadmap


This roadmap is a true diagnostic review and provides recommendations tailored to your needs and strategic objectives. Immediately actionable, it is organized according to a prioritization of projects to be undertaken to set your company’s digital transformation in motion.


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Eager to continue and launch your digital transformation together?


Our commitment of trust


Following this transformation diagnostic, an optional three-year support service can ensure the technical rollout of your roadmap. Our joint journey continues!


This offer is at the heart of our business: ensuring that your digital transformation generates real well-being and progress.

Moving forward with you toward the future, with confidence, is our mission.



Consulting Expertises


Reliable product development

Deploy digital continuity within your company: assess the maturity of your engineering tools, define your objectives and action plan, identify any malfunctions and identify how to improve them.



Optimizing your industrial processes

Supporting your PLM deployment to achieve together the goals you have set for yourself



Secure your data and your know-how by ensuring robustness of your IT infrastructure and involvement of employees in cybersecurity.