VISIATIV COMMITMENT OF TRUST | Deploy your transformation

Benefit from a long term support in the actual deployment of your solutions for a successful digital transformation

Digital transformation, let’s make it real together !


Entering a digital transformation means choosing to improve your performance and your competitiveness. It is expecting an R.O.I multiplied by the smooth technical deployment of your roadmap.



Visiativ commitment of trust, the promise of tailor-made and long-term support


You benefit from the experience and expertise of Visiativ, to calmly deploy your digital vision and ambitions. This offer is at the heart of our business: ensuring that your digital transformation creates visible value.

"Thanks to the roadmap established with Visiativ Transformation diagnostic, we better identifued opportunities related to digital. We therefore wanted to be supported by visiativ to benefit from the expertise of its teams, both in terms of strategic analysis than in operational implementation."

Jean-Luc Roulet, Groupe Accédia

Our support is based on 6 axis to ensure a successful technical deployment :


Following your Digital Transformation diagnostic, you define your priorities to reinvent your business


A 3-year commitment ensures an optimal progress of the deployment


You deploy useful applications which bring real improvements


We support your employees in change management


You adapt your IT infrastructure


We drive your digital transformation together by activating the right levers to achieve it

In real life ? The mission director, driver of your digital transformation


A dedicated mission director supports you throughout your digital transformation project.

He helps you select solutions that meet identified use cases during the digital transformation diagnostic. He also ensures that deployment of your digital roadmap meets your strategic challenges.


Its role is to animate and advise your teams throughout the project to facilitate deployment and handling of the tools.

The commitment of trust is a monthly subscription fee giving access to all Visiativ applications and services that meet your company’s identified needs.

We are experts in digital performance and tailor-made digital strategies. We have been supporting leaders for more than 20 years, with a proposal that demonstrates systematic profitability.


We put all our energy and know-how at the service of your growth !

Consulting Expertises

Consulting Expertise

Digital Strategy

The opportunity to exploit the potential of digital to improve your company's performance.

Consulting Expertise

VISIATIV TRANSFORMATION DIAGNOSTIC | Maximize the performance of your company

Global audit of your digital maturity and prioritized roadmap for growth

Consulting Expertise

VISIATIV CYBER DIAGNOSTIC | The technical control of IT security

With Visiativ Cyber Pilot, we take a concrete inventory of your IT security and propose an appropriate remediation plan.