LeClub Visiativ | Learning from those who have made the digital transformation a reality

Moving toward the future, mobilizing employees for and around digital transformation means being bold and acting pragmatically. Directors who have done just that, share their experience here

Let’s accelerate together with LeClub Visiativ, the directors community



At Visiativ, we consider our customers partners.


Partners who exchange to go faster and further, together.

It is up to us to unite all of you, passionate directors, to make this exchange happen.

LeClub Visiativ

Our purpose


Value the human element, a strategic asset in any business transformation and, particularly, toward digital

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Our mission


Promote experience sharing as a driver for growth

Meeting to get inspired


LeClub Visiativ is not meant to be yet another honorary circle or a waste of time. You know why you are taking part of it.

Like our conception of a company and the economic ecosystem as a whole, LeClub Visiativ applies a pragmatic, accessible and dynamic philosophy.


With LeClub Visiativ, benefit from in-person and digital meetings organized throughout the year between Visiativ’s director clients, in a spirit of mutual exchange.

Why join LeClub Visiativ ?



Moving toward the future, mobilizing employees for and around digital transformation... being a leader in transformation and innovation means being bold and acting pragmatically.


It also means having a pioneering spirit. Directors involved in this vital transformation project share their experience with us here :


    • Become part of a community of 400+ leaders committed to a business transformation process
    • Benefit from inspiring sharing of experiences from your peers
    • Value your own transformation and innovation experience
    • Explore new trends and refine the role of digital in your business strategy
    • Create new opportunities and connect with future partners, suppliers and customers
    • Participate in our strategic vision and push forward the subject of digital transformation alongside us
    • Gain visibility


If you are a Visiativ customer, we already have a lot in common :


 vision, momentum, pragmatism, know-how, value of exchange and experience.



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