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The High Tech, Electronics & Electrical sector includes all emerging technology and high-tech product manufacturers, considered to be the most advanced at any given time. The market is constantly evolving along with changes in consumer patterns.


Digital technology has completely transformed organisations and companies in the industry, which are now facing major challenges. They need to constantly reinvent their businesses to stay at the cutting edge of innovation in the long term while at the same time juggling quality, complexity and margins.


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  • IoT and human-machine connection 

Many issues are at stake. The area concerned, as numerous as they are different, require the integral use of electrical, electronic and digital technologies.

  • Strong authentication

Existing technologies such as OTPs (one-time passwords) need to continue to evolve to meet multiple cybersecurity challenges. Furthermore, biometric solutions (multimodal, revocable) have a lot of technological obstacles that must be overcome.

  • Artificial intelligence and data science

Improved computing tools (supercomputers) contribute to the growth of R&D work related to AI.

The challenges facing the players in the industry

Staying at the cutting edge of innovation

  • Coping with rapid and complex change due to a very dynamic competitive and standard-driven environment (object hyper-connectivity requiring smart and secure systems)
  • Learning to manage intellectual property (patentability and licensing)

The benefits of agile and powerful R&D

R&D effort is increasingly important and requires process agility to optimise product development times and reduce time-to-market.

Striving for continuous improvement in product performance

Synaptic and quantum processors, increasingly small, fast, high-performance systems.

Factoring in sustainable development

  • Increasing the life span of high-tech products
  • Minimalizing energy consumption (eco-design and usage)
  • Recyclability (end-of-life management) and repackaging

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