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Driving your brand adoption while focusing on innovation, sustainability and engagement by developing interaction with your customers.


Faced with rapidly changing consumer behaviour, brands need to improve their customer intelligence to maintain their presence across all sales channels, be transparent in their communication and deliver tailored services.


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New consumer patterns and services have developed along with digital technologies: mobile and 24/7 purchasing, home delivery, click & collect, drive-ins, virtual showrooms, product customisation, rental, subscription, etc. Digital transformation allows brands, and especially BtoB, to adapt their sales strategy thanks to accurate data feedback.


In fact, in-depth knowledge of consumers’ expectations and habits strengthens customer relations by offering a homogeneous and personalized omnichannel experience in comfort, choice, speed and more. At the same time, companies improve their sales cycles by controlling and analysing commercial information.


Digitalising your sales cycle means efficient sales processes to increase the time effectively dedicated to the sales process, accelerate it and simplify the management of the customer relationship.


growth in e-commerce in one year


of Europeans plan to rent products rather than buy them


of French consumers are dissatisfied when an item is unavailable

Boost your sales

through a smooth, seamless omnichannel purchasing experience. At point-of-sale with proven merchandising, via e-commerce with exhaustive product presentations, up-to-date inventory information and order tracking, efficient after-sales service supported by a chatbot, etc.

Develop consultative selling

with tools for monitoring and analysing sales, seasonal trends, shelf space, etc., that simplify the sales staff’s administrative tasks. This empowers field teams to concentrate on their added value of advising and anticipating requests.

Developing sustainable and

repairable products, prioritizing local and eco-responsible suppliers, and responding to customer requests for information (transparency regarding composition, working conditions and origin of raw materials, etc.) are subjects to be included in a company’s CSR process.

Control your supply chain

as demand increases and traditional supply chains need to be adapted. The supply chain needs to be modernised (IoT sensors, integrated and real-time data, etc.) to gain visibility on risks and optimise lead times.

Learning from our customers

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The challenge: Setting up a platform to respond to retail and distributor requirements.

The solution: Visiativ e-commerce B2B

Benefits: 80% of distributors have adopted this solution to place their orders as opposed to 60% in the past, thanks to a process that responds to the needs of the BtoB sector: shopping lists, multi-carts by date, real time stock synchronisation, etc. A solution for orchestrating the network without having to manage a server or develop special software.



The challenge: Building quality procedures into warehouse, production and purchasing management tools to ensure quality traceability.

The solution: Visiativ Quality Management

Benefits: More than 2,500 hours of re-entry time saved for quality controls entered directly via a tablet. The teams are now also able to automatically generate supplier reports in 5 minutes, a task which previously took 3 hours to complete.



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The challenge: Facilitating relations with suppliers to optimise customs duties management and ensure better traceability of imported products

The solution: Visiativ Supplier Portal

Benefits: A 300,000 euro gain thanks to product origin certification and better supplier intelligence and relationships.

“The Visiativ e-Commerce BtoB Consumer Goods platform delivers real added value, it allows you to sell more, more efficiently, and it is a source of new business opportunities.”

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Visiativ Innovation Engine


Visiativ Innovation Engine is a unique and innovative approach to enable SMEs and SMBs to identify their performance levers, co-construct their digital transformation roadmap, and deploy proven solutions while sharing experience and know-how.


For over 35 years, Visiativ has been helping SMEs to accelerate their innovation, improve their competitive edge, and meet their sustainable development commitments. We are the trusted advisor, with a real ability to deploy solutions, in a collaborative economy of shared experience.

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Visiativ Consumer Goods Customer Service Portal

Transform your after-sales services into a profit centre

Increase customer satisfaction with an efficient customer service available 24/7 and increase your quality of service.

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Visiativ Chatbot

Engage with prospects

Guide and inform prospects with a chatbot on your web portals. Our intelligent conversational software will interact with web visitors to guide them to relevant information.

Visiativ CPQ

Visiativ Sales Force Automation

Increase business and boost sales performance

Making your sales team more efficient in managing all different distribution channels, speed up order taking process and appointement planning

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