Preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow

Preparing students for the future means mastering the best digital tools

Digital transformation, Industry of the Future: challenges for education as well!


Teachers, school inspectors and students know this better than anyone else: preparing for the future and making your place in it also means learning to master the right digital tools. Because these tools are at the heart of what shapes a rapidly changing world: innovation, collaboration, competitiveness, but also the human factor and sustainability.


Steering digital transformation in a positive, collective direction means enabling the younger generations to handle it with the appropriate tools.

It means equipping them now with the right vocational skills.

It means ensuring students have the right aptitudes to enhance their future employability and career success.


Our common role is to help students to master the process of digital transformation

We are not inventing anything new: today's students will be tomorrow's researchers, inventors, decision-makers, developers and entrepreneurs. It's therefore necessary to acclimatize them today to the most effective digital tools used in the professional world.


As a software publisher and integrator specializing in Dassault Systèmes solutions we at Visiativ work hand in hand with the entire educational community, including teachers, directors of vocational training, school principals and school inspectors. Together we reflect on how to:


    • Contribute to and improve the technical training of students
    • Prepare students for the innovative professional tools they will need during their careers
    • Adapt the use of digital tools to new teaching standards and to rapid technological developments

Visiativ for education

A software suites that meet teaching needs of numerous training actors


Visiativ’s solution combines two fundamental areas of expertise:The skills proposed by Dassault Systèmes’ products and licenses for the educational world and associated programs
The understanding of various curricula and their challenges for teachers and their students


The approach
We are the leading distributor of the Dassault Systèmes SOLIDWORKS solution for the educational world, but our offer does not stop there.
For us, offering licenses is always accompanied by targeted support.

Before proposing a solution, we study whether it fits well with your curriculum, how to optimize its learning by students, and whether its application is compatible with the tools available in the classroom.


The Dassault Systèmes Education solutions that we distribute and support

  • SOLIDWORKS Education Edition software suit
  • 3DEXPERIENCE for Education collaborative platform
  • CATIA for Education


Partner solutions we selected and support

  • MECA3D motion simulation and analysis
  • EFICN CAM for mechanical trades
  • SWOOD CAD/CAM for the woodworking industry
  • SINUSPHY simulation of physical systems
  • WEVIZ virtual reality and real-time project review


Which SOLIDWORKS Education license for which use?

  • School license: for classroom training
  • Teacher’s license: for preparatory work for home education
  • Student license: for study work

Why turn to Visiativ?



We have been working with the world of education for over 20 years: we are familiar with your challenges, your needs and your constraints.



Visiativ has been the #1 expert in Dassault Systèmes solutions for more than 30 years.



As with all Visiativ business lines, support is an integral part of our offer. We offer comprehensive, targeted solutions.



Supporting teachers in their teaching program to optimize their students’ entry into the professional world.


Visiativ Education equips more than 6000 schools, technical and vocational colleges, training centers, engineering schools, universities and research laboratories.

Do you have any questions or need further clarification? Would you like to know more about a license?


Contact Visiativ Education Team

Our solutions Preparing students for tomorrow's jobs

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