Making insurance a key player in the future through targeted digitization

Is the digital transformation of insurance for me ?


Brokers and insurers: your challenges in the face of digital transformation


Do you think that the digitization of the insurance industry’s businesses and practices is sometimes like a train that’s going too fast ?

For us, the digital transformation offers a tremendous opportunity for development and renewal in the insurance industry.

On one condition: knowing how to use the right digital tools to :


  • Improve customer proximity and loyalty in a context where responses are expected in real time and suppliers are chosen according to the quality of the customer experience
  • Optimize your business
  • Engage your employees


A successful digital transformation is a digital transformation that looks like you, designed to bring you closer to your policyholders and your employees.


How do you start this evolution? Where and how do you begin?


Insurance: digitization as a lever for…


Improving customer proximity, attracting customers and building loyalty


  • The context :


Customer relations in the insurance industry are central. Your customers, who are increasingly digitized, have become accustomed to obtaining answers in real time. They no longer hesitate to change providers based on their customer experience. 45% of purchasing decisions are made before any contact with the company, mostly online.


  • Your needs :


The qualitative multiplication of contact points with your customers (multi-channel path), the digitization of insurance documents, the fluid sharing of documents with your customers and their 24/7 access wherever you are.


Optimizing production, gaining competitiveness


  • The context :


The number of insurance service providers is increasing, including digital natives. Companies with a digitalized, responsive and optimized model, allowing them to handle more customers with the same number of employees. The assets you need ? A quality omnichannel service, the centralized exchange and sharing of information, a range of digital tools designed to make processes more fluid, simpler and faster.


  • Your needs :


Insurance document management in the form of a collaborative platform, versatile digital tools allowing you to save time and efficiency.


Getting your employees on board


  • The context :


The arrival of digital tools can destabilize or even demotivate some employees.


  • Your needs :


To improve employee proximity in the same way as you do with your customers, i.e., by making operations easier, making tasks and paths more fluid, and by ensuring that everyone fully grasps these new tools.

Visiativ's solution for the insurance industry


Insurance document management at the cutting edge of efficiency


Secure, paperless management of your files, 24/7 document sharing, customer relations tools, collaborative spaces: make your entire business easier with à la carte digital applications tailored to the insurance industry.


What are these solutions and their advantages? How can I identify those that could help me in my daily work?


As a software solutions publisher and integrator for over 30 years, Visiativ has made the digital transformation of companies its core business.


We are familiar with the challenges of your sector, as well as the obstacles and the levers to be identified in order to optimize your digitization. Thanks to this proximity and understanding, we have the means to help you carry out your transformation with pragmatism and optimism, right through to its roll-out. After all, we too are an SME driven by transformation!



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