Our dedicated solutions

Each company steps into digital transformation according to its challenges. This is why Visiativ has developped preparation, deployment, management and specific communities to each sector of activity. Discover our sesolutiosn and services which meet your needs.

Our Consult Expertises

Supporting you to define your transformation approach.

  • Innovation

    We provide anticipation, advice and resources in manageming and financing of their innovation (RD&I).

  • Visiativ PLM Diagnostic

    Optimizing your industrial processes

    Supporting your PLM deployment to achieve together the goals you have set for yourself

  • Visiativ Engineering Diagnostic

    Reliable product development

    Deploy digital continuity within your company: assess the maturity of your engineering tools, define your objectives and action plan, identify any malfunctions and identify how to improve them.

  • Digital Strategy

    The opportunity to exploit the potential of digital to improve your company's performance.

  • Visiativ Transformation Diagnostic

    Maximize the performance of your company

    Global audit of your digital maturity and prioritized roadmap for growth

  • Visiativ Cyber Diagnostic

    The technical control of IT security

    With Visiativ Cyber Pilot, we take a concrete inventory of your IT security and propose an appropriate remediation plan.

  • Cybersecurity

    Secure your data and your know-how

    Protect your data and your know-how by ensuring robustness of your IT infrastructure and involvement of employees in cybersecurity.


Our Engage solutions

Identifying and deploying tools for your digital transformation success.

  • Consulting PDM & PLM

    Suceed in your product development cycle

    Deploy your SOLIDWORKS PDM and PLM 3DEXPERIENCE projects with confidence to achieve your business objectives

  • Visiativ Managed Services

    For an IT infrastructure that suits you

    Deploy a reliable, secure technological base capable of supporting all your developments

  • Visiativ Commitment of Trust

    Deploy your transformation

    Benefit from a long term support in the actual deployment of your solutions for a successful digital transformation

  • CAD Consulting

    Accelerate product engineering

    Closely work with our engineering experts to deploy CAD solutions and master tools and methods adapted to your work environment for a successful innovation strategy

  • Visiativ Simulation services

    Opt for high value-added support to integrate digital simulation tools. Mentoring is based on support, exchange and learning around a defined project.

  • Visiativ Customized Services

    Master engineering solutions

    To develop your team skills or to manage maintenance of your tools by a technical team, adapted to your needs, at the right time, choose our “à la carte” support services

  • Visiativ technical assistance support

    Efficiente engineering tools

    Ensure reliable and secure access and working process for your engineering teams

  • Visiativ PDM multi CAO

    Single repository for your CAD data

    Manage your product information, and document for an easy collaboration

  • Visiativ PLM

    Secure and share technical documents

    Scalable solution for managing and sharing product data between all project stakeholders in industry


Our Connect Communities

Sharing to create opportunities.

  • Lynkoa

    Largest French speaking community of 3D CAD users

    Join Lynkoa and its 90,000 members to share CAD experience, tips, tricks, complementary tools and training to stay on top of your business

  • LeClub Visiativ

    Learning from those who have made the digital transformation a reality

    Moving toward the future, mobilizing employees for and around digital transformation means being bold and acting pragmatically. Directors who have done just that, share their experience here



Adjust your hardware to fit business requirements


Select targeted hardware for your professional design and production software needs.

Whether you need CAD computers and screens, virtual reality packs, PDM servers or 3D printers, find tools that meet your usage requirements thanks to our previledge partnership with HP (in CAD and 3D printers) and other major manufacturers.



Develop your teams’ skills


Fully master your business tools and upgrades to increase efficiency and autonomy. Discover our catalog of over 200 approved and certified courses, whatever your business expertise.

In France, our QUALIOPI certification ensures that you meet educational objectives and the eligibility of the training courses funding by OPCOs.