Digitizing the accountancy profession to increase its efficiency

Why certified accountants should embrace digital technology


  • Your clients are adopting increasingly digital practices.
  • You have already looked for new tools to adopt these practices.
  • The digital and secure management of documents has become a central issue.
  • Your employees feel either overwhelmed or on the contrary excited by this change.


If you recognize yourself in one or more of these statements, you are already engaged in the digital transformation process. Your attitude to this process may be active (“Let’s do it, let’s adapt!”) or passive (“I’m making changes to try to keep up, so as not to miss the boat”).

However, its success is in fact synonymous with 1) optimizing your business 2) building client loyalty 3) mobilizing your employees.


For this to happen, this digitization must be done in your own way, in line with your own business, objectives and staff, while bringing you closer to your clients.


Accounting firms should embrace digital technology in order to


  • Anchor their operations and optimize their productivity


The context:


The accounting profession is going digital, with new entrants convinced of the efficiency of a digital model. These players are able to handle more clients with the same human resources thanks to their mastery of the right digital tools.


Your needs:


be more competitive by equipping yourself with digital solutions capable of optimizing your business: prioritize your actions, reduce recurring tasks, facilitate decision-making, enhance the value of your document assets, monitor all your documents remotely


  • Improve client relations and build loyalty


The context:


Your clients are mobile and connected. They expect secure digital services that make their daily life easier and support their activity: sending documents to their accountant and with 24/7 access to the documents they need.


Your needs:


To share with them the necessary documents at any time and wherever you are, thanks to the digitization of client files; to simplify customer relations


  • Motivate your employees


The context:


the arrival of digital technology can destabilize or demotivate certain employees, which can be a major risk factor within a company.


Your needs:


to involve your employees in this digital transformation, to ensure that they get to grips with the new tools; to make tasks more fluid thanks to the collaborative sharing of documents and information

Visiativ’s offer for certified accounting


Secure and intuitive certified accounting document management


Manage your client files electronically and centrally, share documents collaboratively: simplify and manage client relations and employee processes more effectively thanks to tailor-made digital applications designed for the accounting profession.


Would you like to find out more about these solutions and identify those that could help you on a daily basis?


> Discover Visiativ’s offer for certified accounting


As a software solutions publisher and integrator for over 30 years, VISIATIV has made the digital transformation of companies its core business.

Our understanding of the issues specific to your business allows us to help you lead your transformation with pragmatism, optimism and success. After all, we too are an SME driven by transformation!



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