Accelerate your research projects

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Adopt digital solutions to accelerate your research projects


Is research at the heart of digital transformation? Of course it is!


Research, in both a university and private context, is inseparable from innovation and is at the heart of the economy of the future. Contributing to the transformation means supporting research work with targeted solutions.


What are the challenges for researchers and research centers in the digital age?


Upstream strategy: efficiency

  • equip yourself with the most efficient software solutions to optimize your research work,
  • meet the most complex design challenges of your projects,


Downstream strategy: industrialization

  • equip yourself with software solutions already adapted to end users (industrialists, manufacturers) so as to share your discoveries
  • accelerate the time to market for your innovations


As specialists in industry and innovation, we combine these two imperatives for you.

Visiativ’s research offer


The approach

As a software solutions publisher and integrator for over 30 years, a research support provider for over 20 years and a specialist in Dassault Systèmes solutions, we know your challenges well and can provide you with the appropriate solutions!


Our research solutions are based on two areas of expertise:

  1. A technical solutions integrator To select the software solutions best suited to your objectives, offering you the appropriate license
  2. A long-term partnership To support you in their implementation and train you in their use


Technical solutions offered

SOLIDWORKS, 3DEXPERIENCE, CATIA, Simulia, Delmia, Weviz, etc.

No watermarks, no “light” versions, no delays in the version release cycle: you benefit from all the added value of these solutions to accelerate

your success.


If your research work involves the development of intellectual property, patents or the publication of the results of your projects, these “research licenses” will be the appropriate tools.

Which Dassault Systèmes license should I use for my research?


Basic research: SOLIDWORKS CATIA Research license
Applied and industrial research: SOLIDWORKS CATIA Commercial license

Why turn to us?


A pragmatic expert

By using the solutions of which we have expert knowledge, you will be adopting the best practices of industrialists and end users.



You’ll enjoy technical integration with tailor-made support and a constructive spirit.



Visiativ supports an efficient, personalized digital transformation, adapted to each organization’s own individual challenges.

Visiativ Research already equips more than 180 research establishments.


Would you also like to have access to these tools? Do you require any further explanations or clarifications?


Contact Visiativ Team

Our solutions Accelerate your research projects

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Realize your ideas

Move on quickly in the development of intellectual property, patents or the publication of your projects results



Simulate the real behavior of your product

Shorten the evaluation process and improve the performance and reliability of your designs before physical prototypes are produced.



Optimise your design office daily tasks

50 tools to enhance the way you work with SOLIDWORKS. Every part of your design process is covered, from 3D design, to drawings, to project management, to production, to administration including SOLIDWORKS UI customisation.



Design your product out of the best equipment

Get the most of your engineering solutions with HP's most capable computers to efficiently realize complex CAD designs



Print your parts in medium and large series

Scale up from prototyping to production of finished parts with HP professional 3D printing machines with powder fusion technology



Design complex assemblies

Innovate with the most renowned CAD solution for manufacturing industry. Engineering products with real behavior for a unique user experience



Foster and accelerate innovation

Strengthen collaboration and improve product development execution with digital continuity provided by Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform