Visiativ’s responsibility rests upon a continuous approach of transparency and integrity towards all its stakeholders.

Structure et transparency

Visiativ has implemented a number of decision-making bodies to support its strong development. Its governance structure ensures the balancing and monitoring of its strategic pillars.


The executive organs are open to employees through the OPEN COMEX. With this initiative, a draw amongst a hundred volunteers is organised every two months and three employees are invited to attend the Group’s executive committees alongside the leadership team, an excellent way to encourage transparency and collaboration.

Participating in an Open Comex is an opportunity to gain a better understanding of management concerns and the decision-making process. I really enjoyed this experience and wish to thank management for the opportunity.
Jennifer Niss
Management accountant

Responsible practices

Visiativ makes a point to implement responsible practices and initiatives that seek to prevent all types of corruption and influence peddling. In 2021, Visiativ has set out to strengthen its policies and actions in line with regulatory requirements

Data security

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Sécurité des données

The protection of our clients’, partners’ and employees’ personal data and confidential information is crucial to us.


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Our alignment to the GDPR is part of a continuous improvement process that needs to be entrenched within our company’s structure, according to international recommendations.

Appropriate certifications for our specific activities and our client expectations