Visiativ is an editor of solutions which accelerate innovation and transformation of SMEs and ETIs. The Visiativ Innovation Platform identifies key performance drivers to co-build a digital transformation roadmap and deploy appropriate solutions.

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Visiativ Quality Management

Meet regulatory requirements

Digitize your quality approach to better managequality processes, meet regulatory requirements and increase customer satisfaction.

Visitaiv Documents

Range Visiativ Document

Organize and share documents with an EDM

Dematerialize and centralize your administrative information and customer data to make your staff’s work easier.

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Vente et Marketing

Range Visiativ Sales & Marketing

Deliver an omnichannel sales experience

Harmonize all contact points with your B2B customers and resellers for a seamless and personalized sales experience.

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Range Visiativ Transformer

Accelerate your business transformation

Take full control of all your transformation projects by arbitrating actions according to issues and priorities, all visualized in a dynamic roadmap.

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Service Client

Range Visiativ Customer Service

Transform customer experience with omnichannel service

Deliver 24/7 omnichannel customer service to facilitate interaction with your customers and resellers.

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Visiativ Gestion Des Risques Et Assurances

Control your risks and ensure quality monitoring

Mastering risks and regulatory compliance

Control your risks and ensure quality monitoring

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Range Visiativ PLM

Reducing time-to-market

Innovate and increase the efficiency of your industrial process through collaboration throughout the product life cycle.

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Range Visiativ myCADservices Premium

Increase productivity in the product design cycle

Automate repetitive tasks with dozens of applications dedicated specifically to design and engineering departments.

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Range Visiativ Merchandising

Define an effective merchandising strategy

Improve the performance of your sales areas through better control over merchandising.

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chatbot Tisser Des Liens

Range Visiativ Knowledge Management

Capturing and sharing knowledge to share it with those who need it

Enhance customer, user and employee satisfaction by providing the right answers without taking up the time of your experts.

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Range Visiativ Employee Engagement

Deliver a new experience to better engage your employees

Deliver a new employee experience to better engage your team.

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Stations Cao

Range CAD Screens

Choose the right screen to make design easy

Visualise your CATIA and SOLIDWORKS designs on HP full HD CAD displays for quality review.

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Hp Z24n écrans cao

Range CAO screen

Choose the right screen to make design easy

Choose the right screen to make design easy

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Range Visiativ Cyber

Taking control of your IT security

Manage the protection of your data and systems to ensure the sustainability of your business and ecosystem.

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Visiativ Workplace

Digitalising your business processes

Make your company's digital transition easy with a workplace ready to be deployed to suit your needs (EDM, workflow, omnichannel commerce) and your businesses (customer service, quality, sales, etc.)


Visiativ Employee engagement

Working together with confidence

Promoting synergies between employees increases the company's performance. Making access to information easy for a successful employee experience


Visiativ Cyber WAF

Protect and secure all your web applications

Block 100% of cyber threats immediately with AI, without your intervention and before they even reach your servers.


Customized Services

Benefit from human resources, adapted to your needs, at the right time.

A professional accompanies you in the use or maintenance of your CAD and PDM/PLM applications, in optimal operational conditions and when you need it.

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