CATALYST 2023 Strategic plan

Together, we make the difference

Cooperating, acting and innovating together for sustainable business transformation

Visiativ presents its latest development ambitions under a new strategic plan named CATALYST 2023. After AUDEO 2017, a plan completed in 2016 one year ahead of schedule, and NEXT 100, whose targets for 2020 will be reached by the end of 2019, CATALYST 2023 aims to consolidate Visiativ’s position as a strategic partner for corporate directors to accelerate innovation and the transformation of their businesses.

CATALYST 2023 sets out five priority areas of development for Visiativ: reorganisation based on an expertise platform, renewed and strengthened governance, new financial targets, implementation of an innovative HR strategy and further strengthening of CSR commitments.

Over the past few years Visiativ has become a global player with multiple areas of expertise. Under CATALYST 2023, Visiativ plans to harness its human and digital expertise platform in order to accelerate innovation and the transformation of SMEs companies, thereby establishing itself as the go-to strategic partner for company directors. With over 150 successful corporate transformations already under its belt, Visiativ offers a pragmatic approach to digital transformation covering all phases of the process from diagnostics through to roadmap fulfilment. Taking a step further, Visiativ intends to become a powerful platform of human expertise serving the digital experience.

Through this third strategic plan since its IPO, Visiativ plans to leverage its 18,000 strong customer base to step up multi-brand sales, thereby growing the portion of revenues generated through cross-selling between the various business lines.

To achieve this goal, Visiativ has set itself the task of improving performance and strengthening Group synergies and cross-disciplinarianism in the same aim: being a close, trustworthy partner for its customers.


Discover CATALYST 2023 ambitions

CATALYST 2023 strategic plan is organized on fives lines : Organization – Performance – Transformation – Innovation – Merge

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