2016 annual results

Having attained its initial goal of €100m in revenues by 2017, one year ahead of plan, in 2016 the Group prepared a new strategic plan called “Next 100”, which aims to exceed the €200m revenue mark by 2020. With this goal in mind, in 2016 the Group strengthened its financial structure (in terms of equity and financing) in order to ensure sufficient resources to implement an acquisitions strategy in addition to driving organic business growth. Since 2015, when the Group consolidated its Integration positioning in France, the Group has stepped up acquisitions in the Software sector in order to expand and enhance its proprietary platform Moovapps (acquisition of iPorta and Solo Solution in 2016, and Numvision2 and Interactiv’ Technologies2 in Q1 2017). The acquisition of NC2 in 2016 also gave Visiativ an infrastructure enabling it to offer hosted solutions.

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