Visiativ’s CSR policy

For more than 30 years, the collaborative spirit that prevades Visiativ has been a core component of its development strategy. Visiativ’s CSR policy is based on strong employee commitment on a daily basis through various initiatives (skills sponsorship, charity races, donations, etc.)

The Group has chosen to invest its human and financial resources in two main areas:

Inclusion of disabled persons and underprivileged sectors

Developing the whole of human potential, whatever difficulties may be faced (disability, social insecurity) is a priority for Visiativ. This is a shared value supported by all Group employees via skills sponsorship and local grassroots initiatives.

H+ Sport

Visiativ is a member of the H+ Sport partners club of the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region and has chosen to support the Handisport league which encourages disabled persons to do sport. To rally employees together and raise awareness of this cause, Visiativ sponsors Gaëtan Charlot, one of the brightest lights in French wheelchair fencing.

L'Entreprise des Possibles

The Group is involved in “l’Entreprise des Possibles”, an association of 17 Lyon-based companies launched by Alain Mérieux which brings together human, financial and real estate resources to battle housing insecurity and homelessness.

Nouvelle Ère

Visiativ supports the Nouvelle Ère movement, which has drawn up a charter of human relationships in companies related to disability and its challenges. Visiativ is planning a staff awareness campaign in relation to this commitment.

CAMI Sport & Cancer

Under its skills sponsorship programme, Visiativ is developing a Moovapps platform for patients and doctors working for the CAMI Sport & Cancer association, which runs sports therapy programmes for cancer victims.

Association Pachamama

Since 2013, Visiativ has been supporting the Pachamama association to help build a dispensary in Antananarivo (Madagascar).

Access to new technologies through education

As technology develops at an ever-increasing pace, Visiativ wishes to make IT accessible to all and speed up education in digital technology.

Weeefund & Espérance Banlieues Pierre-Bénite

The Group supports the WeeeFund association which aims to combat early school leaving by teaching computer skills using computers donated by local companies. As the charity’s first sponsor, Visiativ equipped “Le cours Passerelle”, a school in the Lyon region managed by the Espérance Banlieue foundation, with several complete workstations previously used by Group employees. In addition to the physical donation, this initiative is in line with the principles of the circular economy.


Visiativ has supported UCLy, the Lyon Catholic University, through its involvement in fundraising campaigns. Alongside key regional playrs the Group supports the development of the university and 19 investment projects, including: strengthening the scholarship scheme, funding research on diversity and interculturality, and funding the E-UCLy digital transformation programme.