Visiativ steps up its new business divisions: “Innovation & Digital Transformation Consulting” & “3D Printing and Rapid Manufacturing”

  • The acquisition of ABGI Group (ACIES in France), a global consulting firm specializing in innovation, has been finalized, strengthening the Group’s position in innovative and recurring revenue business models.
  • Increased stake in Valla: Visiativ has acquired 100% of the company, which specializes in design, prototyping and manufacturing 3D-printed parts

Visiativ announces the completion of the acquisition of ABGI Group, an international consulting firm specializing in innovation. Through this acquisition, Visiativ is broadening its offering by diversifying into high value-added consulting and support services for SMEs and mid-tier companies in their innovation projects. In 2017, ABGI Group posted revenues of around €15 million, with annual like-for-like growth of close to 15%, as well as double-digit profitability. By strengthening the Business Consulting division, Visiativ is stepping up the implementation of innovating and recurring revenue business models, while expanding its international presence.

Visiativ also announces that it has acquired 100% of the capital of Valla, a company specializing in Rapid Manufacturing and 3D printing, after a 20% stake in 2017.  This accelerated acquisition clearly reflects the strategic and complementary value of this new business, which supports SMEs and mid-tier companies in their transition to Industry 4.0.