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Towards a VaaS proposition (Value as a Software)

To remain sustainable and competitive, companies must no longer sell a product or a service. Instead, they must deliver a global offer with significant added-value, and are compensated based on the value created. The future winners of the ‘as a service’ business model will be the companies who engage with their clients on the creation of added-value. Measuring the added-value created is now possible thanks to a business platform which offers an enhanced value proposition. Companies are transitioning from a product-based model to a model based on services created by leveraging the opportunities offered by new technologies.

Visiativ has therefore developed the concept of “Value as a Software (VaaS)”, based on the interactions between its five business lines (innovation and digital transformation advisory services, editing and integration of software and collaborative platforms, outsourcing of infrastructure and 3D printing solutions) in order to increase its value proposition and better meet its clients’ needs.

By supervising the entire value chain, Visiativ offers customized support to companies during their digital transformation process. The group works alongside the client from the upstream stages (review and brainstorming) and eventually enters its ecosystem. In this context, Visiativ offers SME-ISE a community and a dedicated platform to enable them to discuss their strategic concerns and any business problems that arise. This experience-sharing process is very popular and benefits all members of the communities.

Last but not least, Visiativ offers services and applications based on the ‘Business Experiences’ of its clients and customizes them to the needs of each company and each business (more than fifty apps are already available).

Visiativ therefore proposes real added-value, allowing companies to implement successful digital strategies with total peace of mind.

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