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Social Network

An optimized user experience

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The advent of social networks such as LinkedIn or Facebook has profoundly changed the habits of Internet users. They have redefined standards that are now mandatory for professional applications:

  • An optimized user experience,
  • High level performance and transparent updates,
  • Authentication to third-party applications via networks, fast interactions,
  • Simple publications.

These major changes guide Visiativ’s developments and are reflected in the creation of an autonomous “user experience” team, the implementation of rapid application deployment methods, the integration of the notion of “Self service”, authentication via LinkedIn or Facebook and the simple and fast publication on social networks.


Visiativ positionning

The Moovapps collaborative and social platform meets the needs of “Social Knowledge Management”. It allows the right information (internal, external) to be distributed to the right people (employees, customers, partners) at the right time (connection) and in the right place (mobility).

Community enterprise platforms extend beyond the company’s internal system and allow stakeholders: customers, suppliers, partners, to communicate and share more effectively. Associations, institutions, event organizers use online community platforms to connect members, members or participants. Available online, they are intended to optimize the collaboration processes between members.