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Software vendor

Editing of collaborative platforms and business applications

Visiativ is an editor of innovative software products. It focuses its research and development activities on the Moovapps collaborative platform, offering software that help companies meet their challenges. The platform brings together technology engines (e.g. automation of processes, document management, e-learning, facilitation of community discussions, etc.), allowing for the creation of applications for every business and activity sector. They can be customized and are available on the Moovapps Store, an online catalogue that offers more than 50 turnkey applications.

These ‘Apps’ or business applications are based on technology engines, but also on the clients’ success stories. Drawing on its expertise, the Group is able to respond closely to the companies’ needs and to anticipate their expectations for each business sector: industry, services (audit firms and insurance companies), retail, smart building, etc.

Moovapps is an open platform that can be plugged into existing IT systems. It offers, among others, plug-in capabilities to the ERP, CAD, CRM and PDM systems, which enhances information flows and promotes the creation of a single repository.

On the Moovapps platform, Visiativ provides vertical offers such as myCAD services for design studios, iPorta for smart buildings or Aquarelle for nomad sales. In 2017, the Group expanded their offer due to the acquisition of Spread (e-marketing), and Numvision (document sharing and synchronisation).

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