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The experience points

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Visiativ values the loyalty of its customers through Qeex. Qeex is a unit that measures the experience acquired in transformation and innovation through meetings and challenges offered by Visiativ.

You gain experience, you collect Qeex

The more challenges you face, the more experience you gain. Your CONNECT experience is calculated in terms of Qeex points. At a certain level of experience, you become an ambassador of the Visiativ group and have access to special offers.

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How does it work?

Very simply. You participate in value-added meetings that are offered to you, you earn Qeex. You bring information or content to the community, you also earn Qeex. In short, each of your interactions generate Qeex. And it is not impossible that you may be offered challenges to overcome, to win even more Qeex like the Qeex Games for instance.

Why collect Qeex?

To gain experience, seize opportunities and act in a constantly changing world.

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