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Software maker

Software maker

Developer of the Moovapps collaborative platform

Moovapps is a Smart Enterprise Platform that combines technology drivers to create business applications (Smart Apps). Building on a catalogue of applications and packaged business experiences (Smart Business Experiences), customers can build their own customised platform based on industrial-scale solutions.


The Moovapps Store offers a range of pragmatic applications to implement in a transformation process. It provides access to the entire catalogue of applications (smart apps) and business experiments (returns of successful experiences and application packages) in a few clicks.


The offshoots of the Group’s offering of collaborative applications are housed within the Moovapps platform. Moovapps is geared towards helping organisations become smart enterprises able to respond to the challenges encountered in their transformation. Thanks to this solution, Visiativ can offer its customers the Smart Enterprise Platform, a collaborative and social digital transformation platform that propels organisations into the era of the enterprise of the future.


Combined in business suites, Smart Business Experiences share aspects including the digitalisation of documents, processes and transactions both inside and outside organisations. They enable companies to facilitate flows between the management of their various business units and to open up to their ecosystems.


The Smart Enterprise Platform delivers customisable business applications known as Smart Apps. They are broken down by category depending on the digital challenges faced by the enterprise of the future – innovation, operational excellence, ecosystem and management – within the Moovapps Store.


Modular and connectable to corporate IT systems, Moovapps is the result of the convergence of technological drivers: electronic document management (EDM), business process management (BPM), enterprise content management (ECM), e-commerce, e-learning and community management.



Integrator of Dassault Systèmes solutions

Dassault Systèmes, “The 3DEXPERIENCE Company,” offers virtual ecosystems to manage the lifecycle of companies' products. With its 3D software applications (SolidWorks and Catia), the 3DEXPERIENCE platform transforms the product design, manufacture and maintenance process. It allows companies to create exhilarating experiences for their customers.