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Strategic partner for digital transformation

A strategic partner for digital transformationCompanies are transforming and becoming connected, innovative and collaborative. A strategic partner for the digital transformation of small and mid-cap companies,

Visiativ provides solutions to boost innovation, streamline customer/supplier relationships, improve information sharing and build knowledge. To achieve this goal, Visiativ, a designer of packaged solutions, bases its development on complementary business lines:

  • Traditionally an integrator of software solutions specialising in the implementation of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform by Dassault Systèmes.
  • A publisher of a collaborative, community-oriented platform available under licence or via SaaS delivering strong growth.
  • Management consulting and innovation financing
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Visiativ presents its latest development ambitions under a new strategic plan named CATALYST 2023. After AUDEO 2017, a plan completed in 2016 one year ahead of schedule, and NEXT 100, whose targets for 2020 will be reached by the end of 2019, CATALYST 2023 aims to consolidate Visiativ’s position as a strategic partner for corporate directors to accelerate innovation and the transformation of their businesses.


Organic growth of +4% for the VISIATIV PLATFORM division An
2019 saw the completion - yet again one year ahead
Bertrand Sicot joins Visiativ as Chief Executive OfficerNominationVisiativ has strengthened
25% including 7% like-for-like growth   Visiativ posted 2019 consolidated
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Annual 2019 revenues:

Press release - January 28, 2020 (after trading)

Annual 2019 results:

Press release - March 17, 2020 (after trading)

Q1 2020 revenues:

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Half-year 2020 revenues:

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Half-year 2020 results:

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Q3 2020 revenues:

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Annual 2020 revenues:

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Annual 2020 results:

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