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Backed by thirty years of expertise, Visiativ has developed various solutions to guide companies and their directors through the transformation process

High Speed Digital Transformation – TNGV

Digital technologies boosting corporate strategy

Since digital transformation does not happen overnight, Visiativ offers companies the means to analyse their strategic challenges in order to build a roadmap. Labelled HSDT, standing for “High Speed Digital Transformation”, this initiative is easy to implement, agile and adaptable to every challenge the company may have to face.

It also enables each company to harness digital technology in order to drive its strategy, while involving all employees in the vision and roll-out of this transformation.

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Fast Pass

The passport to a powerful and secure cloud solution

The market is pushing all application solutions towards cloud computing.

While cloud computing is a fantastic opportunity for small and mid-cap companies to adopt new technologies, it also implies a profound change in our perception and day-to-day management of IT systems.

Visiativ is positioned as an expert in migration to an externally managed hybrid cloud system. The Group has designed an audit and customer support solution to carry out a full inventory of infrastructure in place and offer a roadmap towards secure and reliable cloud computing ensuring data reversibility.