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A loyalty program for our most valued customers

The Ambassador programme is an exclusive network designed for Visiativ customers wishing to share their experience and expertise. 

It forms part of a global initiative to help companies achieve their digital transformation. The programme involves ambassadors in a joint innovation drive by inviting them to join theme communities (customer service, engineering, sales, rapid manufacturing, GDPR, etc.) and product think tanks. Participants also pay preferential rates on a range of solutions, including software published by the Group. In addition, they receive special support in recognition of their commitment. 

The emphasis on discussion and experience-sharing helps Visiativ staff to improve their understanding of the challenges faced by all Group customers and their projects.

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Exclusive benefits for Ambassadors

As a Visiativ Ambassador you are entitled to the following benefits:


  • A half-yearly one-hour review with a Visiativ specialist covering technical issues arising from your experience.     
  • Two days of audit and feedback on an analysis of your processes 24/7 access to your personal account on the support website to submit questions or register IT requirements.     
  • Priority handling of support requests.       
  • Priority Ambassador access to the Le Club Visiativ platform with the option of promoting your company.

Club news and events

Joining the Ambassadors programme means signing a charter outlining the commitments made by the customer and the benefits received. Visiativ offers members and its most loyal customers a series of events and encounters to enhance the Ambassadors experience.

Our ambassadors testify

"In our sector, to remain competitive, we must be at the forefront of digital advances."

Bruno Fradet
Bruno Fradet

Manager SDEI Ouest

"Training days were held so that we could quickly build up our skills on SOLIDWORKS tools."

bernard Raturat
Bernard Raturat

President and CEO Sotres

"It is essential to communicate internally so that employees accept the change."

jacques wolff
Jacques Wolff

Founding Chairman Sewosy

Nos ambassadeurs témoignent

"Since the implementation of the Visiativ solution, our company has increased its spare parts turnover by 10%. Our integrators are also very satisfied with our responsiveness."

Pierre-Alain Augagneur

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Charvet

"Digital technologies are at the heart of our business strategy because they allow us to increase our productivity and the development of our ecosystem."

Stephane Chambert
Stéphane Chambert

General Manager G.Chambert

Join the Ambassador Program

Create a special relationship with the VIP programme, based on three pillars: Visibility, Innovation and Performance.


  • Visibility: Visiativ supports your communications by giving you access to its global ecosystem.      
  • Innovation: Visiativ supports your developments and innovations by providing you with the tools required for your digital transformation.
  • Performance: Visiativ helps you improve productivity by providing you with a premium service.